Jun 25, 2010

Neem Leaf : Multiple Uses

Jun 25, 2010
Neem is known for being a highly medicinal and remedial tree. Its a massive flowering shade tree belonging to the mahogany family. Each and every part of neem tree is a benefactor to mankind in one or the other way. Only the neem leaves in itself comprise of more than 100 active ingredients which can also be grounded into powder or cured into tea.

Below mentioned are few of the multiple uses of neem leaves:

Neem Leaf as Insecticide
Neem leaf is an amazing insecticide. The best way to use it is by putting fresh neem leaves in books, cabinets, beds etc. this helps in keeping the insects out. These can also be laid around the garden to safeguard crops from insects.

Neem Leaves for Diabetes
Neem leaves can control the blood sugar effectively by approximately 45%. Also, these leaves are helpful in increasing the oxidation of red blood cells. Its tea form is instrumental in curing pneumonia and gout.

Malaria Protection
As per the American Journal of Therapeutics, neem leaf and its extracts fight against malaria carrying mosquitoes for upto 12 hours. Its usage as a mosquito repellent is quite popular in tropical African and Asian countries.

Neem Leaves for Blood Pressure
Neem leaf has good amount of antihistamine properties which help in dilating the blood vessels and reducing the blood pressure levels.

Neem Leaves for Arthritis
The pain and inflammation associated with Arthiritis can be cured well with the help of neem leaves. Certain properties of neem leaves also help in alleviating rheumatism.


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