Oct 14, 2011

What Bugs Does Neem Insecticide Control?

Oct 14, 2011
It is a well known fact that neem has many benefits. One of the neem benefits is its use as insecticide or pesticide. In fact, neem has proved itself as one of the best natural pesticides. However, not all bugs can be completely eradicated with the help of neem oil insecticide. Neem insecticides are highly beneficial for preventing some of the bugs while has certain limitations regarding some other bugs. Lets explore about this and see what bugs does neem insecticide control.

Uses of Neem Insecticide

As mentioned earlier too, neem insecticide is the best natural pesticide. And as the name suggests, neem insecticide uses are mainly related to elimination of pests and bugs that we see in homes. Neem insecticide is not only used in its oil form but neem leaves and other extracts are also used as insecticides. Some of the uses of neem insecticide in various forms can be listed as under.
  • Dried neem leaves and neem seed oil are traditionally used to protect stored foods as well as fabrics from insect damage.
  • In rural areas of some Asian countries like India and Bangladesh, the walls and floor of food storage area covered with a mixture of cow dung, clay and neem oil to deter insect infestation in these areas.
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