Jun 9, 2010

Neem Oil as a Pesticide

Jun 9, 2010
Like other neem based products, neem oil too, is used for multiple purposes. Besides other varied uses, neem oil can be effective used as a pesticide and fungicide. It is helpful in repelling a number of pests like thrips, whiteflies, mealy bugs etc. Also, it can be used as a household pesticide for cockroaches, ant and houseflies.

Below is the procedure of using neem oil on plants to protect them from pests or insects.

Step 1
One tablespoon neem oil is generally recommended per gallon. Hence, one can use a little less than a teaspoon into a spray bottle which can generally hold around 32 ounces of water.

Step 2
Since oil and water do not mix well, one would need an emulsifier to help disperse the neem oil within water.

Step 3
Now cover both the sides of the leaf with the solution spray completely. Make sure that you keep mixing the solution frequently as you spray.

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Neem laves are too sour but the benefits are awesome. Bugs and insects just hate its odor and keep away from neem leaves.

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