Oct 14, 2011

What Bugs Does Neem Insecticide Control?

Oct 14, 2011
It is a well known fact that neem has many benefits. One of the neem benefits is its use as insecticide or pesticide. In fact, neem has proved itself as one of the best natural pesticides. However, not all bugs can be completely eradicated with the help of neem oil insecticide. Neem insecticides are highly beneficial for preventing some of the bugs while has certain limitations regarding some other bugs. Lets explore about this and see what bugs does neem insecticide control.

Uses of Neem Insecticide

As mentioned earlier too, neem insecticide is the best natural pesticide. And as the name suggests, neem insecticide uses are mainly related to elimination of pests and bugs that we see in homes. Neem insecticide is not only used in its oil form but neem leaves and other extracts are also used as insecticides. Some of the uses of neem insecticide in various forms can be listed as under.
  • Dried neem leaves and neem seed oil are traditionally used to protect stored foods as well as fabrics from insect damage.
  • In rural areas of some Asian countries like India and Bangladesh, the walls and floor of food storage area covered with a mixture of cow dung, clay and neem oil to deter insect infestation in these areas.
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Jun 17, 2011

Use Natural Herbs To Loose Weight

Jun 17, 2011
Now-a-days ayurveda is being looked upon as a much preferred set of medication for treating various ailments. It is actually wise to cure diseases using natural medicines, as herbal remedies do not render any kind of ill effects on the body. One of the many disorders which can be helped using ayurveda is obesity. For this, natural herbs lose belly fat in an effective manner. The natural weight loss tips are full of recommendations for using natural weight loss herbs. One can easily loose weight with the ayurvedic herbs and treatments available in ayurveda science. Mentioned below are some of the natural herbs which effectively help in healthy weight loss. Have a look at them:

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is an effective ayurvedic element for losing weight. Aloe vera juice helps in improving digestion and cleaning the digestive tract thus, avoiding the accumulation of all kinds of fatty acids and toxins.

Gymnema Sylvestre
Gymnema Sylvestre is popularly known as the 'sugar destroyer'. In earlier times, physicians used to chew few Gymnema leaves to suppress the sweet taste of sugar. Today, qualified doctors favor its usage for controlling blood sugar which indirectly helps in controlling weight gain too

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Jun 9, 2011

5 Worst Enemies Of Your Teeth

Jun 9, 2011
When it comes to dental care, every lay man knows that chocolates and sweets are harmful for teeth. It not only damages the tooth enamel but also discolors the teeth and invites serious dental diseases. Seeking dental insurance being one of the hassles after that.
Mentioned here are the top five edibles that are actually the worst enemies of your shiny smile and can render dangerous issues for your denture.

1. Carbonated Drinks
Carbonated drinks or soft drinks are generally loaded with sugar. This sugar content is dangerous for the tooth enamel as it promotes plaque formation. Apart from that, carbonated drinks have acidic content too, which is again extremely harmful as they can damage teeth.

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How to Get Pearl White Teeth Naturally

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Jun 7, 2011

How to Get Pearl White Teeth Naturally

Jun 7, 2011
A smile is said to be the most easiest and impressive way of breaking ice between two individuals. It not only makes one attractive but also renders beauty to even the most ordinary of faces. Though smile becomes a problem if your teeth are discolored or pale in shade. So what can be done to have shiny white teeth? Mentioned under are few natural tips to get pearl white teeth. Check them out:

It is a wonderful fruity remedy to enhance teeth whiteness. Just eat strawberries or mash them into a paste and brush with it to clean the teeth surface. Strawberries are rich in particular acids and seeds that are instrumental in damaging the mouth germs. Make sure you brush gently without much pressure.

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May 17, 2011

Caring for Curly Hair Naturally

May 17, 2011
People with curly hair often counter the problems of dryness, frizz and breakage. Thus, curly hair indeed call for an extra effort at their maintenance but the curly hair products available in market do no good to your hair in a long run. Thus, mentioned under are few natural tips that can help you manage your curly mane in the best possible manner naturally.

Have a look at few effective curly hair tips here:

Curly Hair Dryness
-Curly hair most often are dry and frizzy which need ample amount of moisture. Drinking loads of water helps hydrate not only the body but the hair too. Apart from that people with curly hair should also incorporate olive oil in their diet as it ends up in shine and softness in hair.

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Hair Straightening : The Natural way

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May 7, 2011

Hair Straightening : The Natural way

May 7, 2011
Hair straightening has become the latest fad these days. It is so because not only do they look beautiful and managed but also, one can try different styles with straight hair. Dealing with curly and wavy hair on a daily basis can be hectic thus, hair straightening can come to rescue in such cases. But, the permanent hair straightening products available in market today are chemical loaded which can render harsh effects on the natural hair texture. Hence, opting for natural hair straightening measures can be a wise choice.

Mentioned under are few natural hair straightening tips which can help in getting a sleek and shininng mane. Take a look:

Coconut Milk
Coconut milk is known to maintain the sleekness of hair. A regular use of it can enhance the quality of your hair as well as render them soft and manageable. All you need to do is:

Take a one glass of coconut milk and add two table spoons of lemon juice (approx one lemon's juice) into it. Put this mixture in refrigerator for cooling.
Once the mixture has been cooled down in refrigerator, you would get a cream like mixture. Apply this creamy coconut paste on hair and cover it with a towel soaked in hot water.
Rinse it off after a while using shampoo. Repeat this treatment for about three weeks and you would witness your hair turning sleek silky and shiny.

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Feb 11, 2011

How to Increase Penis Size Using Ayurveda?

Feb 11, 2011
The size of the penis at times becomes a matter of concern for most men, specially when there is a sense of dissatisfaction in sexual activity. It is to be noted that the average male penis size is more than adequate to provide sexual satisfaction, but even then there is a certain section of men who want to be better endowed. Luckily, today there are many remedies, exercises, oils, medicines, surgical procedures for increasing the penis size. But of all the methods, it is better to go for ayurvedic herbal treatment as it has shown best results in increasing penis size and that too without any side effects. The popularity of Ayurvedic herbs for penis enlargement is increasing day-by-day.

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Feb 5, 2011

Benefits of Neem Leaves – Cure Skin Problems

Feb 5, 2011
Neem is a magical tree and especially the neem leaves that are used for its medicinal properties. Neem oil that is extracted from neem seed cannot be consumed because of associated disadvantages but neem leaves can be taken internally. But do not consume these if you are pregnant or trying to conceive.

These are opposite and pinnate from medium to dark green in color. Color of young leaves is purplish to reddish. Petioles are short and leaves have asymmetric shape.

Neem leaves in the form of paste can be directly applied to skin. You can use the neem leaves for bathing in water. This cures the skin related problems.

Neem leaves are very good in treating chickenpox.

If you are diabetic and will consume neem leaves empty stomach in the morning then surely you can cure your diabetes.

An inflammation can be subsided with neem leaf paste.

These are great detoxifiers so given to purify blood.

If you suffer from excessive hunger then eat the fine paste neem leaves with brown rice. This is has curative properties.

Drink its juice to cure excessive thirst.

To cure any kind of skin infection mix turmeric with neem leaves paste and apply it on your body for at least three months.

Get a glowing skin by consuming this.

Increase body's natural immunity with neem leaf juice.

If you have pimples on your face then apply the neem leaf decoction. Even this can be used to treat minor wounds as this reduces the chance of getting further infection. You can also cure dandruff and hair loss with this.

On consumption it fights with intestinal worms and act as a deworming agent.

It cures urinary tract infections.

Maintains the proper functioning of liver.

It is anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agent.

Neem also has anti malarial properties.