Feb 26, 2010

Skin & Hair Care Tips for Holi!

Feb 26, 2010
Holi is just two days away from now! You all are planning for holi celebrations with all those goodies- sweets, colors, 'bhang,' holii songs- and all other fun things! Just be careful about your skin and hair that can get damaged from harsh holi colors containing chemicals in them. But how to do this? Just oil your hair and apply lots of oil on your exposed parts of body (at least before an hour when you go out to play holi). And don't forget to buy herbal colors for Holi. There are many other tips for skin care and also for making herbal colors at home! To know all of them, read Natural Hair and Skin Care Tips for Holi


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I will list some of the common ingredients I can use to produce my very own natural skin care products.

Anonymous said...

I have heard Holi is a colorful festival in India and all of your Holi Hair Care Tips are very interesting. Preventing skins and hairs from chemical colors are crucial.

flagyl said...

As the post shows mind blowing information about skincare and haircare for Holi. Holi is one of colorful festival of India. Colors are really harmful for our skin and hair. It's promisingly looking one of the unique featured source about that one.

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