Sep 19, 2009

Shatavari- Best Herb for Women's Health

Sep 19, 2009
There are many Indian herbs that treat many diseases the natural way. Among many herbs, one herb called Shatavari is mainly used for treating women related health issues. The name Shatavari itself define it as the best friend of women. Shatavari is a Sanskrit term that means 'woman with hundred husbands'. It's meaning is enough to tell its usefulness for women's health. However, Shatavari is also used to cure many other diseases. Read all about Shatavari- The Healing Herb for Women!


Legal marijuana said...

This interesting... I know a few Indian herbs but the Shatavari is something new for me. I’ll go check and read more about this herb and its benefits. I could add up Shatavari to my herbs list. Thanks for sharing this post

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