Sep 14, 2009

Ayurveda Honeymoon in Kerala

Sep 14, 2009
Young people of modern day are more conscious towards their health and wellness than their ancestors were, in the yesteryears. In earlier days, people used to spend their golden time after marriage visiting beautiful places and enjoying all of life's pleasure including good food, sight seeing and of course making love to their life partners. Today's 'just married couples' too enjoy their honeymoon to the fullest but with a difference- now they proceed for an Ayurveda honeymoon in Kerala- so rightly described as the land of god!

Kerala is the true heaven for those who want to spend their leisurely time in beautiful surroundings amongst the raw nature. And because Kerala is the Ayurveda hub not only of India but of the whole world, it offers the most healthy holiday which refreshes the new couple for a great start of their lives together. The latest buzz is therefore Ayurvedic packages for honeymoon tour- the unique offering of this land where Ayurveda took birth.

Ayurveda package for honeymoon tours in Kerala mostly include a stay in a luxurious Ayurvedic cottage or in a luxurious houseboat. Here the couple gets healthy Ayurvedic diets and other blessings of this ancient alternative medicine. They are given ayurvedic massages to rejuvenate themselves. These massages not only make their bodies stress free but also fill them up with a new kind of thrill and excitement so necessary for this kind of tour. Not only they get advice on everything from healthy lifestyle, food habits, daily yoga practice, and meditation but also the knowledge about the need of keeping minds happy, fresh and lively.

So, if you are a newly wedded man or a woman, just explain the magic of Ayurveda holiday to your partner and head towards Kerala. And if you are a one who has been wedded since long, you can think of a second honeymoon- a Kerala honeymoon with refreshing Ayurvedic massage and all health and wellness!


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