Oct 19, 2010

Neem Extract: The Plethora of Cures

Oct 19, 2010
Neem extract is a well known home remedy for various disorders. It is made by either boiling the neem leaves in water or by grinding fresh neem leaves in paste form to be used directly. Mentioned here are few uses of neem extract for different disorders of human body.

Relieves Inflammation
One of the main constituent of neem extract called 'Nimbidim' is known for reducing inflammation. A study done at the Department of Pharmacology in Rajshahi Medical College, Bangladesh, reinforces this fact with the support of evidences. Neem extract somewhat works like dexamethasone on inflammation.

Cures Skin Diseases
Neem extract is quite effective in treating various skin disorders like ringworm, eczema, scabies, and certain forms of dermatitis too. Scientifically, the neem extract works better if injected into the body as compared to the topical application.

It is a well known fact that neem and neem products are hypoglycemic, as in, it effectively helps in controlling sugar levels in the blood. Thus, a regular intake of neem extract can definitely help in preventing high blood sugar.

Avoids Ulcers
Neem leaves carry glycoside which is an antigastric substance, neem extract can hence avoid the formation of ulcers in stomach or intestines. It is an effective remedy for people suffering from gastric problems.

Avoids Malaria
Neem extract is being used against malaria since ages. It is highly antibactirial and works very well against the malarial parasite called P. falciparum. Have neem extract directly or as neem tea, it would certainly resist the malaria symptoms.

Works as a Contraceptive
Interestingly, neem extract can be used as a birth controller or as a contraceptive. Oral intake of neem extract boosts anti fertility properties and thus, prevents conception.

The most powerful use of neem extract is against the hazardous disease of cancer. Neem is known to carry an antitumor polysaccharide which resists the growth of certain tumors and hence, can help in avoiding cancer. Qualified doctors too, recommend the intake of neem extract to some of the cancer patients.

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